To the Pieces and People I am made of

So.. this post has been sitting on my drafts for more than a week now and it may look a bit too late to still be posting this cause my birthday’s already over but yeah, just for my everyone (interested) to know… Written 01-14-17 2325H Today marks my last day being that 21-year-old-cranky-girl because tomorrow;…… Continue reading To the Pieces and People I am made of

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Why, Pharma? (Part 2/3)

At ito na nga ang pagkatagal-tagal na kasunod ng “Why, Pharma? Part 1/3” (https://maryshiacey.wordpress.com/2016/06/20/why-pharma-part-12/comment-page-1/) Maraming iba’t-ibang feedbacks ang nareceive ko from that blog, DMs from different Pharma Students and Co-RPh’s, may magaganda, may iba naman na nabitin daw kasi on the verge na daw sila ng pag-iyak tapos naputol (grabe so inspiring kasi eh, charot) kaya may…… Continue reading Why, Pharma? (Part 2/3)